Camilo Gallardo                                                                      Jungian Analyst



I am not what happened to me I am what I choose to become. Jung 





Some of the reasons you might consider psychotherapy

It may be that you are being challenged in your relationships, or the fact that you don’t have a relationship.
Issues may arise from your loss or bereavement, illness or other setbacks.
You may feel misunderstood, confused, depressed or anxious.
It may be that you feel disappointed with life or that it feels impossible to find balance, direction or meaning.
You might have dreams which are troubling you or which you wish to understand more deeply.
You might be suffering from a particular trauma or It could be that the world seems a frightening and dangerous place.


Other people come to psychotherapy because maybe

They want support whilst recovering from addictions.
They are suffering from compulsive behaviour, or obsessive thoughts and fantasies.
They want to find the meaning of a troubling physical symptom which they sense has a psychological cause.
They are trying to deal with the implications of physical or sexual abuse.
They want help in dealing with an eating disorder, or
They are experiencing identity problems.